CDC TRIES TO BLOCK WHISTLEBLOWER TESTIMONY ON MMR VACCINE LINK TO AUTISM: The movie Vaxxed is based around the recent revelations of Dr. William Thompson who was a key person who worked on the oft cited study that there was link between autism and the MMR vaccine. His testimony is that the report was a fraud and the numbers were changed BECAUSE THERE WAS A LINK.

By Rep. Matt Shea


A GREAT PRESENTATION BY HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR IRVING ROTH: His message was of both love and vigilance…being aware of those that provide subtle support for or are indifferent to the mainstream media and local organizations that preach anti-Israel hate (like PJALS) is the same attitude that contributed to the horrors of Germany under Nazi rule…

By Rep. Matt Shea


RANCHING FAMILY VINDICATED AFTER SPURIOUS STORY IN SEATTLE TIMES. STORY RESULTING IN MULTIPLE DEATH THREATS TO THEIR FAMILY IS DEBUNKED: WSU director of the large Carnivore Conservation Lab, Robert Wielgus, said referring to the Ranchers “This livestock operator elected to put his livestock directly on top of their den site; we have pictures of cows swamping it, I just want people to know.” He went on to say also that no participants in his study on depredation by wolves “experienced loss of livestock.” Those statements were simply not true. The Seattle Times failed to check these facts out and went ahead and printed anyway. This resulted in so many death threats from the “tolerant left” that the Ranchers had to shut down their phone.

In fact, wolves have been killing dozens of cattle and sheep for years now and the Ranchers actually had to release their Cattle in the allotment where the den site is located to be in compliance with the range management plan. Also, this hardworking ranch family didn’t even know where the den was located. That’s privileged information that only people like Mr. Wielgus knew. This was not just an “honest mistake” and WSU should not just be ashamed of Mr. Wielgus they need to demand his resignation. It was intentional disinformation and an attempt to vilify a cattle producer. The falsifying of science and intentionally lying to the public to implement a radical environmental agenda to drive farmers and ranchers off the land MUST STOP.
1. Be courteous and polite but firm and demand Robert Wielgus’ immediate resignation.
2. Email Office of the WSU President and Wielgus’ office
3. Call Office of the WSU President (509) 335-4200 AND Wieglus’ office (509) 335-2796.

By Rep. Matt Shea