A Call to Prayer for Washington State

Fellow Patriots,
Please pray for that Judge Settle would stop the persecution of the church.


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September 27, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The battle in the Federal Court to protect the names and addresses of those who signed the R-71 Petitions, the Referendum to reverse the domestic partnership law in the State of Washington, is finally coming to conclusion this coming Monday, October 3, 2011.

Judge Benjamin Settle will be hearing cross motions for summary judgment based upon the evidence currently before the court. There will not be a trial, because the Judge has elected to settle the case on existing evidence. We remain hopeful that he will continue to stop Secretary of State Sam Reed from disclosing the names the groups that have stated that they want to have "meaningful conversations" with petition signers, and who have announced plans to boycott the businesses of signers.

Many of you know that pastors and members of congregations who supported R-71 were the subjects of violence and harassment during the campaign. We can leave all of that behind us now, as we concentrate on bringing prayers for a rightful decision from Judge Settle.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit would guide his decision, and that God would direct his hand in writing his final judgment. Pray that the names and addresses of the signers would continue to be protected from disclosure.

Finally, please pray for Larry Stickney and the lawyers fighting on behalf of Protect Marriage Washington and the petition signers.

God bless, and may the peace of Jesus Christ be with you.


Stephen Pidgeon

Attorney for Washington Values Alliance/Protect Marriage Washington

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Our mission at WAVA is to promote and reinforce the fundamental American principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise and limited government; to encourage respect for the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Washington; and to vigorously defend human life, the institution of marriage, religious freedom, and Judeo-Christian values.

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By Rep. Matt Shea

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