A victory for religious liberty. U.S. Federal District Court Judge rules in favor of the Stormans’ right of conscientious objection (the right not to participate based on sincerely held religious beliefs). In one of the most scathing judicially penned rebukes of a sitting Governor in modern times, Judge Ronald Leighton correctly excoriated Governor Gregoire for forcing the Stormans’ family (who own several small businesses) to choose between their livelihood and their conscience. www.becketfund.org/court-strikes-down-law-requirin…-pill“Today’s decision sends a very clear message: No individual can be forced out of her profession solely because of her religious beliefs,” said Luke Goodrich, Deputy National Litigation Director at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty." This is also an irrefutable, indisputable, unequivocal statement that Washington State’s recently passed same-sex marriage law is unconstitutional. That law will force small business owners to participate in, or provide services for, same-sex marriage ceremonies against their conscientious objection. Conscientious objection is a longstanding and well recognized right most famously upheld regarding refusal to participate in the Vietnam War.


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