Recently Democrats here in Spokane Valley are constantly saying they represent the "reasonable center." Really?
Is it the "reasonable center" to support:
1. ObamaCare even though it is clearly unconstitutional and according to the Washington Policy Center could cost Washington taxpayers over $30 Billion over the next ten years to implement <…d.pdf> (our state operating budget is just over $30 Billion) with the vast majority of the cost being born on our already hard pressed small businesses?
2. Tax Increases even though our small businesses and people on fixed income cannot afford anymore? As a side note, shockingly the Democrat freshman "class project" was to raise $1.4 Billion in taxes with a "proposal to re-balance the tax burden in Washington" without addressing the rampant waste, inefficiency, and abuse in the existing system. See their press release celebrating tax increases here<…eform>.
3. The Eviceration of the Right of Conscientious Objection by forcing small business owners like florists, photographers, limo drivers, bakers, hotel owners, and caterers to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies against their will through (SB 6239<>)? For those who do not believe that here is the video conclusively proving this is the case<…20081> (at 4:00 minutes).
4. No Sale or Disposal of Public Lands even though the state cannot maintain the land it already owns and keeping this property off the property tax rolls dramatically reduces the funding for our children’s schools in already hard hit rural areas?
5. No Weakening of State and Local Land-Use Regulations even though those same regulations are used to literally steal the American dream (as in the Sackett case<>), strangle small business expansion, and take agricultural land out of productive use (think 200′ setbacks) without compensation?
Yet all of these things are written in the Democrat County Platform<…m.cfm> or are openly supported. Interestingly, the words "balanced" and "budget" exist nowhere in their platform but I digress… That is not the "reasonable center," that represents the radical irresponsible left.
The "reasonable center" is actually lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. The "reasonable center" is abiding by our Federal and State Constitutions. The "reasonable center" is getting government out of regulating every facet of our daily lives so we can realize the American dream in peace and prosperity. The Democrats have had their chance to advance the agenda of socialism. It is our turn to advance the agenda of freedom. Visit my website<> to join the fight.

By Rep. Matt Shea

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