What Matt Shea is Doing for You…

Matt is recognized as the voice of Conservative Principles in the Washington State House of Representatives. He was recognized as the “Rookie Legislator of the Year in 2009” and quickly moved into leadership in the Republican House Caucus.

Matt’s Record Speaks for Itself:

-100% voting record for small business earning him the Guardia

n of Small Business Award (National Federation of Independent Business);

-5 Star rating for stance/leadership on life, marriage, and family (We Believe, We Vote);

-Consistently endorsed by the Washington Association of Police and Sheriffs;

-“A+” rating from the National Rifle Association;

-Rated “Outstanding…One of CAPR’s Top Ten Washington State Representatives” (Citizen’s Alliance for Property Rights); and

-Ranked the most conservative State Representative Lifetime (Washington Conservative Union).

However, Matt doesn’t just stand on principle. He is one of the most effective legislators in Olympia. Outside of the ranking budget member, Matt Shea has passed more amendments and bills than any other Republican in the last four years earning him the nickname “Mr. Amendment.”

Matt Shea is:

1. Getting Government out of the Way of Small Business

-Recognized nationally as a leader in the movement pushing back against the federal government and fighting the implementation of Obamacare, he authored HB 1946 the “Healthcare Freedom Act” (one of the first such bills in the country) to opt Washington out of nationalized healthcare.

-Recognized locally for his legislation to help small businesses, Matt’s bipartisan bill in 2012 to help expand dock manufacturing in Spokane County by changing regulations that stymie the use of composite, more environmentally friendly, materials passed the House unanimously 96-0.

-Matt’s idea for structured settlements in 2011, broke the stalemate over worker’s compensation reform resulting in the first major comprehensive reform in over two decades. This even earned the praise of the usually hostile Spokesman Review.

-Likewise, that same year his bi-partisan bill in to protect Washington State Cattle Producers from potential exposure to mad cow disease from Canadian cattle passed unanimously, 98-0 and was signed into law by the Governor.

2. Protecting the Unborn

-Known as a leader in pro-life movement, Matt has introduced bills every year in the legislature to require parental notification for minor abortions like HB 1442.

3. Supporting our Veterans

-As a combat veteran himself, Matt Shea co-sponsored legislation allowing a veteran’s preference for employment to help our military men and women more easily re-integrate after tours of duty overseas. HB 1432 passed with overwhelming support and was signed into law by the Governor.

4. Focusing on Public Safety

-Matt recognizes public safety as one of his top priorities and was the prime sponsor of HB 2717 in 2010 to stop the practice of allowing field trips for the criminally insane in the wake of the Phillip Paul escape from the Spokane County Fair. The bill passed with broad bi-partisan support and was eventually signed into law by the Governor.

5. Protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

-Widely known for his staunch unwavering support of the Second Amendment, Matt co-sponsored HB 1016, along with 14 Democrats, in 2011 to allow the use of firearm noise suppressors in Washington State. The bill passed with broad bi-partisan support and was eventually signed into law by Gov. Gregoire.


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