THE WAR WILL BE WON AT THE STATE AND LOCAL LEVEL. Amid the anxiety this morning , last night was actually a tremendous night for the freedom movement in Washington State. Here’s a highlight of why:

Washington State House
Jeff Holy (6th-Spokane) – 54% [new member]
Brad Klippert (8th-Tri-Cities) – 63%
Dave Hayes (10th-Camano Island) – 52% [new member]
Cary Condotta (12th-Wenatchee) – 65%
David Taylor (15th-Moxee) – 64%
Drew MacEwen (35th-Union) – 52% [new member]
Dan Kristiansen (39th -Monroe) – 54%
Elizabeth Scott (39th-Monroe) – 52% [new member]
Jason Overstreet (42nd-Lynden) – 54% [Incumbent Top 2 Progressive Target]
Vincent Buys (42nd-Lynden) – 54%
and with $100,000 thrown against me, Matt Shea (4th-Spokane Valley) as an incumbent Top 2 Progressive Target – 56%.

County Commissioners
Karen Skoog (Pend Oreille) – 60%
Steve Parker (Stevens) – 52%
Wes McCart (Stevens) – 53%

There are many others but as you can see most of these races were decided overwhelmingly (Remember these are not the final results and the media has been calling some of these races "close" but the trend is for vote counts in Eastern Washington to get more conservative as mail in ballots come in over the next couple of days). Many congratulations to these candidates and their families. The war will be won and lost at the state and local leve, and at least last night, by the grace of God, a few more solid freedom fighters joined the fray.

Matt Shea

By Rep. Matt Shea

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