How to maintain your privacy…

How to maintain your privacy...

Based the overwhelming response to my latest radio show…here is what you can do to maintain some semblance of privacy in the electronic age:

1. Everything you post, say, text, email, or do is being monitored. This is the reality. Act accordingly. Still have a friend that trusts government? Here is a great article to share…;

2. Use instead of google to search for things on the web;

3. Use TOR Internet Browser to surf the web (this is used by underground churches in communist countries as a starting place for internet security) download here:;

4. Set up a Startmail email account ( available later this year);

5. Use Silent Circle for secure phone, text, video, and email. Subscribe here (only $10 a month right now!);

6. Ironkey thumbdrive.; and

7. Use virus protection (even Macs). Here’s one for Mac that I use

Illegitimi non carborundum


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