FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        

November 27, 2013                                                                      

State Legislators, Local Elected Officials, and Community Leaders Endorse Bob McCaslin to Fill Larry Crouse’s Seat

“We are honored to give our support and endorsement to Bob McCaslin as he runs for the appointment to become State Representative for the 4th District of Washington State.  Without question, he is a man of integrity and character willing to take tough stands and not sway with the wind of political expediency and pragmatism.”

Bob McCaslin is someone you can trust, someone who understands his word is his bond.  He is dignified, respectful, and considerate in his dealings with people of all backgrounds and will bring the Republican Party together around the principles of lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.  He is also the most electable of all candidates and will help us gain a majority in the House of Representatives.

Bob is an unwavering supporter of the Freedom Agenda the most successful slate of conservative bills in the State House in over a decade.  He stands steadfastly against tax increases and is determined to push back against the onslaught of state and federal regulations that are strangling our economy.  Bob is a staunch defender of property rights and an ardent supporter of your right to own guns, as he stated recently, “No deals and no compromises on the right to bear arms.”  Bob also supports a parental rights amendment and homeschooling, two very important issues in the 4th District and throughout the state.

“‘The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people: it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.’ When Patrick Henry made that statement he understood that an all-powerful central government was the enemy of freedom.  We need people now, more than ever, who will take government out of the way so small businesses can get Washington working again.  This is how we will restore our Constitutional Republic at the State level. We firmly believe Bob McCaslin is the right person, at the right time to help make this happen.”

Please join us in supporting Bob McCaslin for selection as State Representative.


Matt Shea (R)

State Rep., 4th L.D.

Assistant Floor Leader


Jeff Holy (R)

State Rep., 6th L.D.

Assistant Whip

Elizabeth Scott (R)

State Rep., 39th L.D.

Assistant Whip


David Taylor (R)

State Rep., 15th L.D.


Jason Overstreet (R)

State Rep., 42nd L.D.

Jeff Baxter (R)

Fmr. State Sen., 4th L.D.

Rob Chase (R)

Spokane County Treasurer


Rod Higgins

Spokane Valley Councilman

Arne Woodard

Spokane Valley Councilman


Ed Pace

Spokane Valley

Councilman – Elect

Brenda Grassel

Fmr. Spokane Valley


Clint Grassel


Precision Cutting Technologies



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