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We will be posting on Freedom Agenda – WA action items during session.
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The upcoming session is going to be a challenge. Elitist Republicans have already begun their attack on true conservatives over our unwavering opposition tax increases, gun control, Obamacare, and unlimited use of drones. This is despite the Freedom Agenda Team having the most successful slate of Conservative bills in over a decade; working across the aisle on virtually every major issue; and having dozens of Democrat co-sponsors on bills where we agree in principle. I, like many of you, am tired of the divisiveness of some Elitist Republicans.

As many of you know I have diligently worked the last five years to bridge the internal divide in the Republican party. We have made a lot of progress but unfortunately some Elitist Republicans are still endorsing tax increasing, anti-gun, surveillance state loving, pro-choice Democrats over members of their own party or worse yet supporting/voting for those policy positions in their own candidacies/elected positions.

So my fellow grassroots conservatives…

In Freedom,

Matt Shea

By Rep. Matt Shea

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