ALERT We live in a Republic not a Democr

We live in a Republic not a Democracy. Get it right media, SPLC, and BBC.”THE BALLOTS NOT BULLETS COALITION is a group of organizations that are concerned by the increasing use of violence—and threats of violence—to affect public policy in the United States [direct quote from their “About Page”]. I agree. Today I call on the “Bullets not Ballots” Coalition and the Southern Poverty Law Center to immediately and publicly denounce the use of sniper rifles by the United States Government against innocent women and children at the Bundy Ranch and the recent peaceful protest here in Spokane, Washington, and the threats of use of force against the mine owners in Galice, Oregon. Armed Bureaucrats attempting to steal property, acting illegally (as the BLM and Forest Service did in Nevada as detailed by Judge Robert C. Jones in ruling in U.S. v. Hage), and threatening women and children is nothing less than BUREAUCRATIC TERRORISM. It has been CONCLUSIVELY PROVEN that government agencies have done this. Share your stories below. I also call on the SPLC to apologize for its part in instigating the hate that resulted in a terrorist attack against the Family Research Council in 2012.

In Freedom,

Matt Shea

By Rep. Matt Shea

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