EXPOSING THE LEFT: SHAWN VESTAL CAUGHT AGAIN…So Shawn Vestal attempted to message me ‘concerned about the accuracy of my previous post.’ That’s rich. Suddenly, Mr. Vestal is concerned about accuracy? Let’s talk about accuracy. First, he only objected to one thing. It would appear then he is admitting to the rest. Second, specifically he claimed, “it is incorrect that I have ever given money to PJALS.” However, the word money appears nowhere in the post. This is an example of the disinformation* the Socialist Review has been doing for years. What I actually wrote was
“Mr. Vestal is listed as a donor and supporter here: http://pjals.org/…/bread-roses-dinner-auction-donors-guest…/.”
Irrefutably, at the 2016 “Bread & Roses Benefit Auction” a fundraiser for, and by, PJALS Shawn Vestal is listed under “Item Donors” at the Benefit Auction. See picture. As a side note, the donation of an item must be assigned a monetary value for tax purposes. So it could legitimately be claimed he donated money as well from a legal perspective. I digress.

In any event, Shawn Vestal is caught again…

*Disinformation was used by the Russian Communists and later perfected by the KGB as testified to by Gen. Mihai Pacepa. http://ow.ly/i/mAfJx


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