THE LATEST ANTI-GUN BILL OUT OF OLYMPIA…HB 1387. WE ARE FIGHTING THIS TOOTH AND NAIL. Here is the list of Judiciary members that people should call to weigh in:
Jinkins, Laurie (D)
Chair 308 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7930
Kilduff, Christine (D)
Vice Chair 334 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7958
Rodne, Jay (R)
Ranking Minority Member 420 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7852
Muri, Dick (R)
Asst Ranking Minority Member 424 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7890
Frame, Noel (D) 319 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7814
Goodman, Roger (D) 436B Legislative Building (360) 786-7878
Graves, Paul (R) 469 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7876
Haler, Larry (R) 122H Legislative Building (360) 786-7986
Hansen, Drew (D) 369 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7842
Kirby, Steve (D) 437B Legislative Building (360) 786-7996
Klippert, Brad (R) 122A Legislative Building (360) 786-7882
Orwall, Tina (D) 326 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7834
Shea, Matt (R) 437 John L. O’Brien Building (360) 786-7984



  1. Wake up Shea! I’m a gun owner and no “responsible” gun owner needs to own, use, misuse assault weapons. Registration, screening, and training are minimums to protect you and your family as well as mine and to protect our police who shouldn’t be outgunned by ‘yahoo Neanderthals’. ..

  2. I personally hope you fail… go after the criminals not the average citizen. Forcing individuals to have annual training is insane. A person doesn’t NEED annual training I smell a revenue stream for a left wing ideology. I might buy into it during renewal of ccw but the cost has to be affordable too. Less than $100 dollars.

  3. Explain to me how you are going to make criminals comply with this BS law? You can’t. Just one more gun grabbing scheme and violation of Second Amendment rights. Disarm the public and then control by force when they can’t fight back. The exact reason for the Second Amendment. And people wonder why Trump won? Also a annual license costing money is a hardship to people on a fixed income and is a total “INFRINGEMENT’ of peoples rights, guaranteed by the Constitution.

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