REMOVING LAND USE REGULATIONS WILL DRAMATICALLY HELP THE POOR AND ALLOW FOR JOB CREATION: Even the Atlantic is now recognizing this. If it is good for urban areas why not rural areas? This quote says it all: “‘When a state like California puts up a lot of regulations on land use, they’re depressing economic activity and jobs in the state,” Ohanian, a UCLA economics professor, told me. “But they’re not just shooting themselves in the foot, they’re shooting the country in the foot too.’ He estimates that deregulating California and New York alone back to the land-use regulation levels of 1980 would increase nationwide productivity by 7 percent, and consumption by 5 percent. A separate paper by Moretti and Chang-Tai Hsieh of the University of Chicago found that lowering housing regulations in San Francisco, New York, and San Jose, to the level of regulation in the average U.S. city would increase GDP by 9.5 percent.”


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