Shelby Gallagher – Author: A Great State, The Divide & A Great State, The Aftermath

October 23, 2018

Shelby Gallagher is a pseudonym. Shelby resides in the Pacific Northwest. She writes from her first-hand experience working in and around state capitols and has observed why a collapse is coming and how it may unfold. She is a parent and active prepper.

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One comment on “Shelby Gallagher – Author: A Great State, The Divide & A Great State, The Aftermath

  1. As crazy as it sounds, I believe Shelby is dead on. It appears to me the civil war is in full effect but being censored/fought in such a way to prevent patriots from waking up/alarming the rest of the public. It’s being conducted by stealth means via corrupt/complicit FBI/prosecutors/judges/news/social media etc etc. Let me know if this is normal. 1) Your home is searched without a warrant 2) The FBI texts you asking questions 3) Your new neighbor is a known FBI informant and is casing your property 4) There’s some weird device with antennas on the telephone pole facing your home (similar to the devices found in Seattle and taken down). That’s just the tip of the iceberg but these can be instantly proven. If this civil war continues to be censored the globalists will win without one shot being fired.

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